What is the Delta

What is the Delta?

The California Delta is a region of interconnecting islands and inlets etched along the Sacramento River, an area as much land as it is liquid.

Removed and isolated and flat as a pancake, the Sierra Nevada mountains stand proudly to the East, the Coast Range shy to the West, and the patriarch of the skyline, Mount Diablo, set due South. Long ago the river was channeled, turning what was once a marshy floodplain for the Sacramento and American Rivers into a series of  islands and fields, levies and dams. This intricate and aging water system now feeds the walnut, peach, pears, grapes, tomatoes, and strawberries grown in this bountiful land. 

Although its modern guise is that of a dusty, sleepy world, the river was once a bustling highway. This is a land which sleeps with one eye open. One which is surprisingly global. It's not uncommon to see a large rig from Macau trudge its way through the narrow channels and past hidden coves.

This region has seen many wander through its Tule Grasses; Native Americans, Gold Miners, Missionaries, Chinese and then, later, Japanese and Filipino immigrants. Vestiges of the past remain very much alive in this wet and dry, clear yet foggy, sweeping sky California Delta world.

Alexis Sanborn