January 26, 2016

I woke up early this morning, before the dawn. The house was stiflingly hot as usual from the heater. I knew that today was expected to be warmer than yesterday, and indeed the meteorologists were right. In the early morning the air had almost a sweetness to it. The slush and snow and puddles that us New Yorkers have been navigating over the past several days seems at last to receede in earnest. Although the day Donde bright, by midmorning the sky was overcast. When I went out in the afternoon I saw that the sky was strange. Unusual clouds filled the sky, clothes that looks like a combination of rain clouds and those cirrus clouds from upper atmosphere. The light was surreal, from the west there a pleasant yet dim glow. In the east it was dark and tumlutous. And yet there was no definition to the sky. Merely a cast of colors.  Walking home in the dark I chanced to see daffodils in the store window, and was reminded of how pleasant sight it is to see paper whites growing from your indoor sanctuary.