January 23, 2016

The snow began in the early morning. I was surprised how sturdy my house was against the wind and gusts. At my old apartment these snow storms would bring bangs, whistles and weazes through the windows. This was my first snow storm in my new apartment and it seemed a sturdy ship. 

Throughout the morning it snowed in varying degrees of intensity. I thought to myself - it doesn't seem so bad. Yet by three o'clock the winds picked up and the snow increased. The subways and buses were to be shut down by four. Chris and I had to gear up to make a cross town journey before the city hunkered down to wait out the worst.  

By evening the snow seemed to have lessened, and outside I could hear the joyful cries and shouts of people sledding down a small hill that bordered the Hudson River. Icicles hung from the lamp posts, and I wondered if they might break away on to the unsuspecting man who had been shoveling snow for the past three hours. We were warm and cozy that evening, but by the dawn the room had turned cold as the protective clouds were swept away and the new day greeted by a clear crisp blue sky. In the end, the storm was the third worst in New York City's history. We received close to 28 inches of snow that day.