January 4, 2016

The coldest day so far this winter. The sky is bright and clear. There is a slight wind that chills you quickly. I should have brought my hat and gloves today.

I walked through Washington Square Park this morning - the first time that all the leaves have been gone from the trees. The park seems very sunny without the leaf cover. 

Walking home the wind was bitterly cold. As I went through the park I saw that the dragon was encased in a puddle of ice. This was the first Time I saw anything frozen this winter. Perhaps he will be like that all winter long, who knows? 

Tonight makes me remember the long walk I used to have at my old apartment. Once nose, and did I walk-through then? At the time it seemed just a regular part of life, nothing out of the ordinary. But in hindsight I look back at those days and wonder how I managed for so long?