I am currently researching about Food Education (shokuiku) in Japan - and the various roles this fulfills in the life of the community and country. I am currently completing a documentary short about food education in Japan and the various actors involved in the system, and monitor updates in food education in Asia and around the world via Food Education International.

Selected Writing

“Memory and Empathy in Japanese School Lunch,” Kyoto Journal, Summer 2019.
“Eating Knowledge: Fight for Food,” Food Education International, Spring 2018.
"More Than a Meal: School Lunch in Japan," Education About Asia, Spring 2017.
"Table for Two USA's Wa-Shokuiku Project," Gohan Society, May 2016.
"Why It's Hard to 'Change Mindsets' on Environmental Protection Among India's Elites," Asia Society, July 2015.
"Japanese School Lunch: It's Not Just About the Food," Food Tank, May 2015. 
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"Tired of the Wait: Japanese Agriculture Goes Global," Global Asia, November 2014.
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"Why Tokyo's Two Towers Embody Shift from 'Modern to Postmodern," Asia Society, November 2013. 
”Country of Lore, Country of Legend: Reimagining Rural Tourism in the Digital Age.” Harvard University, May 2013.
”Flavoring the Nation: School Lunch in Japan,” Harvard University Master’s Thesis, May 2013.
”Burn, Fade, and Glow: The Culture and Times of the Tokyo Tower, 1958 - 1990” Harvard University, 2013.

Selected Presentations on Food Education & School Lunch in Japan

New York University Food Studies Department, “Cook Kyushoku!” Cooking Class & Lecture - 2019
Columbia University “More Than a Meal: School Lunch in Japan” - 2017
UnCommon Salon, New York University Library - 2016
East Asian Studies Department, New York University - 2016
Nichibei Exchange. “Roots of Kyushoku: Savoring the Japanese Lunch Tray” - 2015
Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan. “Flavoring the Nation” - 2012
Association of Asian Studies, Japan. “Flavoring the Nation” - 2012
Harvard University. “Flavoring the Nation” - 2012

Research Interests

Food Education
Food Justice
Memory & Nostalgia
Folk Tradition