Spartan - bastard son of the McIntosh. Similar in apperances and looks, yet, with one branch of the lineage unknown. I would likely buy this apple again.

Named after the warriors of old
Your heritage untold
Save from the sapling
on the Irish man’s farm
Your blush of green and red
Outdo your lineage’s charm

Apple Description & Taste

Date Purchased: February 1, 2019
Date Eaten: February 2, 2019
Grower: Samascott Orchards, Kinderhook New York
Location Purchased: Union Square Farmers Market, NYC

Texture: Crisp, somewhat juicy and flesh which stays firmly in place. The skin seems rather thin. Fragrant and aromatic.
Appearance: Similar to a McIntosh, glossy with hues of green and a bright, cheerful red
Flavor: Less sweet than I had imagined, essences of the aroma of McIntosh.

Alexis Sanborn