Nourishing Japan is a work-in-progress documentary film about the individuals who support the food education and school meal program in Japan.


Applelore - for the love of apples! This blog features information on apples, apples I have eaten, their history, culture, with original apple poetry.

Kabocha Kitchen is a food blog intended to bring the flavors of Japan to the everyday home kitchen in the West. Inspired from the healthy and nutritious meals children get to eat everyday, it strives to change how we look at food and what we eat.


Shokuiku ("Food Education" in Japanese) is a resource for information, history, and useful information about food education and school meals in Japan. Intended to be used by educators and practitioners, it strives to be a useful resource for all.


Just a Dip + Miyazaki Bathhouse Restoration Project is a photojournalism and documentary piece about the California Delta. Watch the video about the abandoned bathhouse in Walnut Grove, and go on a countryside journey to an overlooked pocket of the United States.